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Kid's Closet

Linda Lewandowski and Sarah Origer

Meeting the various needs of children throughout Starke County

Since 2013, Kid’s Closet Ministry of the North Judson United Methodist Church has been putting the needs of several hundred

Starke County children in the spot light. What began as an idea from Executive Director, Linda Lewandowski, has now turned into a community wide support system for several families. Kid’s Closet serves to fulfill the evident needs of several children in Starke County. It works to provide things such as shoes, clothes, back packs, school supplies, and any other needed essentials for school children of all ages.

The Starke United Fund and the Starke County Community Foundation have granted $7,000 to Kid's Closet since 2013.

Starke County Community Foundation Director of Development, Sarah Origer, states, “The work that Kid’s Closet is doing is truly making a difference in Starke County.”


  • 202 Kids helped in 2013.

  • 550 Kids helped in 2014.
  • 719 Kids helped so far in in 2015.
  • 1,000 Kids projected to be assisted by the end of 2015.