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Starke United Fund Supports Kindergarten Countdown and Other Projects

First Farmers Bank & Trust presented a gift to the Starke County Community Foundation to benefit the Starke United Fund. L to R: Kathy Risner of First Farmers Bank Trust, SCCF Director of Development Sarah Origer, and Rachel Eberhart of First Farmers Bank & Trust.
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Knox, Ind. — The Starke United Fund’s signature program, Kindergarten Countdown, is expanding to all three Starke County school corporations. The expansion is possible due to the support of Indiana Association of United Ways, our local Starke United Fund, and other generous donors and funds, including the Hardesty Memorial Endowment Fund.

Kindergarten Countdown is coordinated by Peggy Shidaker, the Director of Curriculum/Instruction at the Knox Community School Corporation, Venita Cunningham, teacher at North Judson-San Pierre School Corporation, and William Bennett, Oregon-Davis Elementary School Principal. Initially, the program was only offered in Knox, but last year, North Judson-San Pierre was able to host the program. This year, Oregon-Davis will join them.

The Starke United Fund is proud to support the Kindergarten Countdown Program. Through this program, they hope provide an opportunity for young children who did not receive a preschool education to obtain a pre-kindergarten experience. Since the program was initiated, the results have been astounding.

During their time at Kindergarten Countdown, the children acquire knowledge and skills that help to set them on a track for success as they enter kindergarten. They also learn school routines and become comfortable in the school setting. The children are additionally given books to help build their home libraries and promote reading time with the parents and their children.

The Knox program is taking place in June, the North Judson-San Pierre program will run in July, and the Oregon-Davis program will take place toward the end of summer. For information about how to register your child, contact your local elementary school office.

In addition to the Kindergarten Countdown Program, the Starke United Fund awarded the following grants: Junior Achievement for Knox Middle School, $650; Kid’s Closet Ministry, Pack-a-Backpack Event, $2,500; Psi Iota Xi Sorority, Young Artist Conference, $1,000; Salvation Army, Emergency Assistance Program, $500; The Starke County Youth Club, afterschool programs, $3,000; Society of St. Vincent de Paul in Knox, general support, $500; and Starke County WIC, childhood obesity/breastfeeding education, $350.

Starke United Fund grants are made possible through a partnership with Starke United and the Starke County Community Foundation (SCCF), a relationship that began in 2012. This partnership provides an efficient way for Starke United to assist charitable agencies, and allows donors who support Starke United to continue making a positive impact. The Starke United Fund Grant Committee is made up of the former Starke United board members.

For more information, contact the Northern Indiana Community Foundation toll free at 877-432-6423, or Sarah Origer at the Starke County Community Foundation at 574-772-3665.

Starke United Fund Grants
Starke United Fund grants are from a partnership with Starke United and the Community Foundation. It was created to provide a more efficient way to assist Starke County’s charitable agencies. These grants are for charitable organizations that serve the people of Starke County. The grant application deadline has passed for 2017. The next grant cycle will be Spring of 2018.

Kindergarten Countdown, supported by the Starke United Fund, gives children a good start on their educational career.

The Starke United Fund is a partnership with the Northern Indiana Community Foundation that provides an efficient way to assist Starke County’s charitable agencies.

Donations to the Starke United Fund stay in Starke County and benefit non-profit agencies that support Starke County residents.

Non-profit social service agencies need thousands of dollars to provide the essential programs that support the quality of life for everyone in Starke County. The Starke United Fund carries on the tradition of collaborative fundraising.

Does Starke County still have a United Way?
Yes. The Community Foundation is a member of the Indiana Association of United Ways. Therefore Starke County will not lose any grant opportunities that are available only through the United Way.

Will my contributions still go to the local agency that I want to support?
Yes. The Community Foundation will distribute donations based on designations by you the donor, or through general undesignated gifts to the Starke United Fund.

How will the Starke United Fund administer grants?
If you designated a specific agency to receive your donation, then it will be sent to that agency through the Community Foundation. If you have made your contribution as an undesignated gift, it will be used to fund grant applications approved by the local Starke United Fund Committee.

Can I still use a payroll deduction through my employer to support the Starke United Fund?
Yes. Just as in the past you can use direct deposit through your employer, pay quarterly, or pay all at once. It’s up to you. Some companies also match employee or retiree contributions. Send in the paperwork and the Community Foundation will complete the request to double your gift! If you would like us to send you a payroll deduction form, just contact the Community Foundation via email or phone toll free at: 877.432.6423.

Is my gift tax deductible?
Yes. Donations to the Starke United Fund through the Northern Indiana Community Foundation are tax-deductible under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Pledges are not deductible until they are paid. Matches by your employer qualify the company for a deduction, but do not increase the deductibility of your own gift.

Will my gift be invested with other funds at the Community Foundation?
No. Gifts to the Starke United Fund are not endowed or invested, but are made fully available for grants. However, gifts made to the Starke United Community Fund are an invested endowment fund. Also gifts made to the Starke United Community Fund will be matched dollar for dollar now through March 31, 2016. This matching is thanks to Lilly Endowment's Phase VI of the Endowment’s Giving Indiana Funds for Tomorrow (GIFT) Initiative. Learn more about this exciting matching opportunity.

Can I donate online?
Absolutely. To pay via credit card or through PayPal, go to the “Make A Donation” page on the left of this page. Choose a General Donation which is a one-time donation to the Community Foundation in any dollar amount, or choose a Reoccurring Donation which you can set up to make your donation weekly, monthly or yearly in any dollar amount. In the comment box, please note Starke United Fund.