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Boomerang Sisterhood Grant Committee Information and Guide for Committee Membership
Thank you for becoming a committee member with the Community Foundation. We hope to provide you with meeting information, applications, scoresheets, and committee basics. If you have additional questions, please contact Corinne Becknell Lucas via email at, 574.223.2227 (Rochester office), 574.835.4101 (cell phone), 877.432.6423 (toll free).

The Boomerang Sisterhood draws upon the wisdom and resources of Miami County women to create a better society. Women make an annual contribution, half of which is endowed and generates annual grant dollars, and half of which is available for current year granting. Members are invited to special events that celebrate their role in philanthropy and support Miami County.

A select group of the members sit on the grant committee and select which applications will be presented to the membership for their vote at the annual meeting.

2017 Grant Recipients

Organization Project
Amount Granted
Peru Public Library Robots Programming
Manna on Main Street Matthew:25 soup kitchen.
MC Indiana Worth Remembering MC Honors its Women of World War 1
Peru Circus Festival Band New Building Start Up Fund.

All finalist received grant dollars. Amount is dependant on the vote from the Boomerang Sisterhood.

  1. 1st place - $1,500
  2. 2nd place - $1,250
  3. 3rd place - $1,000
  4. 4th place - $  750