Ways To Give


How to Create a Fund

Creating a fund with the Community Foundation is one of the most rewarding experiences. Best of all, it is relatively easy to do—because we are experienced with bringing people who care together with causes that matter most!

Gifts made to permanently endowed funds are invested forever. Each year, the harvest of these funds is a community that grows and people that thrive. That harvest continues each year, long after the people who established the funds are gone; leaving a legacy—a lasting impact on our community.

Getting Started
A fund can be created quickly and easily. We will help you find the best type of fund to meet your charitable goals. A fund agreement will be created to reflect the type of fund you are creating, the name of the fund, your charitable intentions, the extent of involvement you wish to play, and any other issues that are important to you, the donor. A minimum fund goal of $5,000 is required and can be contributed once, or over a period of time.

Grantmaking While You Build Your Fund
Individuals, who are in the process of building their endowed fund, may establish a non-permanent fund to begin their grant-making program. This fund is not endowed, so it will earn no interest. However some or all of the assets in the fund will be available.

Building Your Fund
We will work with you and your professional advisor to find the most tax-effective gift opportunities available, thereby maximizing the legacy you create and reducing the cost. As your fund grows and harvests benefits for those causes you are passionate about, you can rest assured that your gift will support our community forever.