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Fulton County Women’s Giving Circle Awards Yearly Grants
Group awards $5,500 to projects throughout Fulton County

Fulton County Department of Parks and Recreation board president Bill Walsh discusses the planned upgrades to Prairie Edge Nature Park with Giving Circle member Rosemary Clemons at the 2017 social.

May 9, 2017 – Programs and projects throughout Fulton County were supported through grants from the Fulton County Women’s Giving Circle at their annual 2017 event. Sixty people attended the banquet.

The event was held at the Manitou Banquet Center in Rochester on Tuesday, May 9, and a total of $5,500 was awarded. Members of the Giving Circle vote for their favorite programs and initiatives to receive these funds from dues and a growing endowment fund.

This year’s grant recipients were selected from a pool of twelve applicants. The grant committee of the Giving Circle reviewed all submissions and selected the Fulton County Park and Recreation Board, The Heartery, Inc., Fulton County Leadership Academy, and the Fulton County Community Center to go before the entire group for the final decision. All finalists receive grant dollars.

Each finalist made a short presentation and Giving Circle members cast votes for their favorite project. The amount of votes each organization received determined the amount of their grant.

The Fulton County Park and Recreation Board received the first place award of $2,000. The grant will be used for upgrades to Prairie Edge Nature Park. The park has a four-acre pond, areas of wildflowers, prairie grasses, and a variety of trees. The project upgrades include constructing a trail, boardwalk, and observation deck/outdoor classroom, spraying areas to remove invasive plants, and preparing areas for planting.

The Heartery, Inc. received a $1,500 grant. The Heartery was formed in the summer of 2015 by a group of local citizens who purchased and converted the Kewanna Baptist Church into a center for drama, music, and civic events in the town of Kewanna. The grant will help convert the restroom facilities to be ADA compliant.

Mike Kenny entertains attendees at the 2017 Fulton County Women’s Giving Circle Annual Social.

A grant of $1,000 was awarded to the Fulton County Leadership Academy for its Akron Cutshall Park Pavilion Project. Participants of the Fulton County Leadership Academy are required to complete a community service project that will impact Fulton County. The Akron Cutshall Park Pavilion Project is a result of this program. The addition of a pavilion will offer a place for family picnics and a meeting space for outdoor tournaments.

The Fulton Community Center received $1,000 for upgrades to a floor for a multipurpose room. The Center has been used to host sporting events, such as kindergarten through fourth grade basketball practices and games and speed and agility classes. The new floor will provide perimeter lines on the floor for sports activities and will also help with maintenance after formal banquets.

In addition to hearing presentations from the grantees, Jennifer Smith, President of the Fulton County Women’s Giving Circle, spoke about the Youth Leadership Academy, a 2016 grant recipient. Their grant has been used for programming and event costs for students.

Mike Kenny performed at the banquet. He played the guitar and sang both original and classic songs.

The Giving Circle fulfills its mission through annual dues of $120 to the Fulton County Community Foundation. Half of the dues are distributed each year through grants. The remainder are put into a growing endowment fund for current and future grant cycles. Get the application here.

Women interested in joining the Fulton County Women’s Giving Circle, should contact Brian Johnson, Director of Development for the Fulton County Community Foundation at 574- 224-3223 or e-mail fulton@nicf.org.

Honeywell Foundation and Fulton County Collaborate for Arts Education

WABASH, Ind. – The Fulton County Community Foundation and The Honeywell Foundation are teaming up in a joint effort to raise funds for The Honeywell Foundation’s Educational Outreach Program for schools in Fulton County. This partnership has come about due to an exciting dollar-for-dollar matching opportunity creating a “win-win” opportunity benefiting both Fulton County schools and the Educational Outreach Program. Every donation – up to $5,000 - made to this newly-created endowment will be matched. Donors can choose where to place the matching donation at any endowment housed at the Community Foundation.

Since 1998, the Honeywell Foundation Educational Outreach Program has been providing free “arts-in-education” opportunities to schools in a 12-county service region which includes Fulton County. The free programming is made possible by donations made to the Honeywell Foundation by individuals, businesses and grants.

Tod Minnich, President and CEO of the Honeywell Foundation expressed his enthusiasm for this effort, “the Honeywell Foundation seeks to serve students in our region by providing arts opportunities that might otherwise not be available. This endowment will allow us to do just that.”

Fulton County schools have actively participated in the Educational Outreach Program since 2007. During that time it is estimated that over 10,615 arts opportunities have been provided to Fulton County students.
During 2nd semester of the 2016-17 school year, every public school in Fulton County, including Tippecanoe Valley School Corporation, Caston School Corporation, and Rochester Community School Corporation, will participate in the new Honeywell Foundation Banner Competition. This will expand the Educational Outreach Program’s services in Fulton County and provide a much needed opportunity for students in grades K – 12 to participate in visual art competition. This program has been endorsed by all three superintendents and is supported by the Community Foundation of Fulton County and Fulton County’s Beta Gamma Chapter of Psi Iota Xi.

Brian Johnson, Director of Development of Fulton County Community Foundation commented, “Collaborating with the Honeywell Foundation provides a terrific opportunity for our donors. Not only will they be helping establish an endowment to serve Fulton County students – but donors will get the opportunity to select where their matching dollars go, choosing from any endowment currently housed at the Community Foundation.”
For more information about this endowment, please call Brian Johnson at the Fulton County Community Foundation at (574)-224-3223.

The Honeywell Foundation seeks to provide artistic, social, cultural and recreational opportunities for all. The Foundation operates the Honeywell Center, Honeywell House, Eagles Theatre and the 13-24 Drive In. All programs and activities are supported by gifts from individuals, businesses, the Indiana Arts Commission (a state agency) and the National Endowment for the Arts (a federal agency).

For more information, please call Hayley Beauchamp at 260.274.1437 or hbeauchamp@honeywellfoundation.org